An Excellent Medical Billing Service is the best investment an Independent Medical Practice can make.

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If you have an independent medical practice, aside from your excellent medical skills, your medical billing operation will determine how successful you will be.  If your medical billing is done wrong, run without proper management, or performed without the right skills, you may be leaving a lot of hard-earned money on the table that should be in your bank account.

Because of stricter insurance reimbursement and more sophisticated claims processing requirements, Medical Billing requires experienced and knowledgeable professional staff to address all the issues and problems that may arise in order to get paid.    The medical billing environment has become a minefield that must be navigated expertly and confidently.  Every step, from registering patients to following-up on payments and collections, needs the skill and dexterity to get payment for claims.  Much like the doctor who deftly matches procedures with diagnoses to achieve a successful treatment outcome, professional medical billers must coordinate those procedures and diagnoses with authorizations, modifiers, place and type of service, etc. to be paid by insurance companies and patients.

If the independent practice does not have an excellent medical billing service or staff, it risks losing a big part of or, worse, the entire amount payable to the practice for services rendered.  Given the mind-boggling combinations of data on a claim required by insurance companies, an independent practice  needs educated, trained, specialized, and experienced staff to get the best desired result.

How can you improve your financial results?  Engage CPM as your Professional Medical Billing Service.

We will show you why CPM is different and how CPM makes independent practices successful.

We will take care of your independent medical practice like no other.

Peter Melencio, CPA

January 4, 2019

CPM – The Doctor’s Business Doctor – Medical Billing the right way – the only way!

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