Five Ways to Manage Your Practice Better

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Medical professionals know that the best quality care is the essence of their profession and their Hippocratic oath.  Providing true and honest cost-effective patient care is the primary reason they became doctors.

Excellent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or Medical Billing allows the doctor to render excellent patient care according to his high standards.  Because of this, independent medical practitioners turn to medical billing services to provide the practice with experienced accounting and billing professionals to manage the financial end of their practice.

CPM makes its clients more profitable, more cost-effective, and more competitive with large physician networks and hospital chains because it transforms the ordinary back office and medical billing operation into an extraordinary revenue and income generator.

In the first year, CPM clients can achieve an increase in revenues of up to 15% or more from prior year results based on client feedback or measured using available financial comparative data.

CPM improves the financial management of an independent practice in 5 significant ways:

  1. CPM uses best billing practices to ensure the medical billing function is efficient and effective and utilizes proper accounting systems, controls, processes, and procedures.
  2. CPM improves revenue flow with its “sweat-the-small-stuff” philosophy and “leave-no-stone-unturned” approach to medical billing.
  3. CPM provides experienced billing staff managed by dedicated CPAs so its doctors can focus on direct patient care because the financial management of their practice is taken care of.
  4. CPM maintains accurate financial records to ensure the proper entry, review, reconciliation, and follow-up of charges, payments, and adjustments designed to maximize revenues and minimize claims issues that result in higher insurance and patient payments at a lower cost.
  5. CPM improves the productive use of office space that can be transformed and re-directed to more patient-focused activities resulting in increased revenues and better patient care.

CPM is the best alternative to an in-house back-office operation or an existing billing service for the typical independent solo or group practice because it increases practice profitability.  It maximizes patient revenues and minimizes administrative overhead costs simultaneously.

Beyond the professionalism and expertise expected of any billing company, CPM has a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with its clients based on trust, honesty, and integrity proven by its excellent client retention rate.

CPM – The Doctor’s Business Doctor – Medical Billing your way – the only way!

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