Medical Billing or RCM is Urgent and Unimportant until it becomes Important and Urgent

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Is the Medical Billing function of your office Urgent but Unimportant to your independent practice?  If so, you should make a change before it becomes Important and Urgent to the long-term professional and financial success or your independent practice.

Most independent physicians, like you, believe that Medical Billing aka RCM is an urgent but unimportant function relative to the health and success of the practice.  They have a lot of patients and participate in almost every insurance.  Collections are satisfactory.  Consequently, they don’t pay attention to Medical Billing function as they should.

Life is good.

Until collections become unsatisfactory.  Until revenues are down while expenses continue to go up.

Now a critical office function that has always been perceived as urgent but unimportant to the practice has become Important and Urgent.

The in-house billing staff or current billing service is always satisfactory until it isn’t.


Because, perhaps, over several months or, worse, over several years that practice revenues have been going down as insurances squeeze the practice with lower insurance payments through higher disallowances, higher copays, and higher deductibles and pass on more responsibility to patients or subscribers who, naturally and typically, are slower to pay because they consider their doctor as urgent but unimportant.  Of course, until they get deathly sick and doctor is now Important and Urgent.

Don’t let your medical billing or RCM become URGENT and IMPORTANT until you are facing a crisis of declining revenues and increasing expenses in your practice, thus, threatening your independence.

Contact CPM to evaluate your options to your present in-house operation or current medical billing service while your back-office operation is still Urgent and Unimportant.  We will be happy to meet with you and discuss your current back-office situation further.

CPM can prevent your Medical Billing from becoming Urgent and Important to your practice.

Stay tuned and visit for other small stuff that can make your practice more successful financially.

Taking care of your business always so you can take care of your patients,

CPM – The Doctor’s Business Doctor – Medical Billing your way – the only way!

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