Comprehensive Practice Management to Make Your Practice Healthy

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CPM Medical Billing Services and Collection

Efficiently performed by knowledgeable professionals and diligently overseen by dedicated CPAs who specialize in medical billing and practice management.

Comprehensive Practice Management RCM

CPM’s Revenue Cycle Management System saves money, reduces billing errors, enhances cash flow, ensures billing compliance, increases patient service revenues, and improves patient satisfaction.

Basic Services Include:

  • Proper medical accounting controls and procedures, appropriate CPT and ICD-10 coding, precise data entry of medical bills and payments, and effective processing of your insurance billing and patient billing .
  • Highly-trained and knowledgeable medical billing staff committed to making your medical reimbursement as good as it can be against the efforts of insurances and patients to pay less than they should for the high-quality medical services you have rendered.
  • Experienced medical billing managers and staff with many years working in medical billing for consistency and continuity.

Why CPM:

  • CPM gives your independent practice a de-facto “CFO” who is a CPA to ensure the quality and excellence of your medical billing, revenue cycle management, maintenance, and payment reconciliation functions.
  • Your independent practice gets the best value compared to managing and operating your medical billing and collections with in-house staff or using medical billing companies that fall short of your own performance standards.
  • You write one check per month to cover all medical billing expenses for staff salaries and benefits, medical billing systems, hardware and software upgrades, maintenance support and software licenses, computer equipment, clearinghouse and claims processing costs, rent, furniture and fixtures, printing and postage costs,  supplies, telephones,  training seminars, medical coding books, etc.
  • Finally, Medical Billing is what we do and all we do for Independent Solo or Group Practices.

Comprehensive Practice Management the Doctor’s Business Doctor.