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CPM has provided outstanding billing services to me for more than 20 years. I have an Infectious Disease consultative practice with a difficult payor mix and continue to be impressed by CPM’s thoroughness, excellent reports, and professionalism. CPM has also been very helpful in producing data for taxes and Meaningful Use.

– MD 207R00000X Infectious Disease

For a number of years, CPM has done all my medical billing. Without question, they do an excellent job. I have found them to be extremely prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and up to date on all the nuances of medical billing, including all the latest billing codes.
My interactions have been have been handled always by consummate professionals.
Being a local company gives them the added advantage of familiarity with all the relevant Massachusetts regulations.
For any medical office looking for a completely reliable medical billing company, I would definitely recommend CPM.

– MD 207QA0505X Family and Adult Medicine

I am a devoted client of CPM; they are by far the best billing service I have encountered. Bills go out promptly, making for a very favorable turn-around time. Billing questions are quickly identified and dealt with in an expeditious fashion. Anytime I call with questions or concerns, I have no difficulty connecting with CPM. Its staff has always been extremely courteous and helpful.
In short, I recommend them highly!

– MD 207RR0500X Internal Medicine Rheumatology

From the beginning after switching to CPM from my in-house biller, I have never had any problem with CPM. Everything went smoothly and CPM made it easy. CPM has accommodated my needs without hesitation and have allowed me to practice without worrying about my billing.

I will never hesitate to refer any colleague to CPM.

I should have used CPM’s service all along. I will yell from the top of the mountain that CPM is the best.

– MD 207RI0200X Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases

When I first started my practice, CPM persistently worked with the insurance companies so I could get credentialed more quickly. Their knowledge and persistence shortened the time it took for me to start getting reimbursed. CPM staff always returns calls quickly, always answers any questions, and never hesitate to do extra work to make sure all my billing issues were resolved.

I am happy to speak with anyone regarding CPM’s billing service.

– MD 207RE0101X Endocrinology

CPM is my fourth billing service. I felt the first one was good based what I knew then. Then I thought the second billing service was better than the first. My third biller was even better. CPM is the best of them all. Now I know what a great billing service can do and should do. CPM made a significant difference to my practice compared to everyone else. I recommend CPM to anyone who needs a professional medical billing company.

– MD 207RR0500X Internal Medicine Rheumatology

I found CPM to be very diligent and thorough. My reimbursements were timely and complete. Over our long association, we became friends as well as business associates.
I recommend CPM without reservation for your professional billing and collection needs.

– MD 207RC0200X Critical Care, Pulmonary Medicine

I was a client of Comprehensive Practice Management for many years. I was very happy with their performance. Our questions were responded to promptly and CPM was helpful at navigating any changes in billing procedures and in removing a lot of detail work from us. Their charges were reasonable for the service they provided. I switched my primary care practice and my cardiology group practice to CPM from another billing service. My partners and I remained CPM clients throughout.

– MD 207RC0000X Cardiovascular Diseases

We have worked with Comprehensive Practice Management for approximately nine months. CPM came highly recommended and, as partners, we all would concur.
CPM was most helpful to us in making the transition from in-house billing with significant billing deficiencies. Now our billing is caught up and on an even keel with a workable system in place that seems physician-friendly and not overly taxing. Appropriate reports are generated in a timely fashion. We feel our billings are now appropriately captured. We are hoping that there will be an increase in revenue under CPM and its excellent staff.
We have no hesitation recommending CPM as a billing service.

– MD 193200000X Multispecialty Group

My Association with CPM began in 1993 and extended for 23 years upon my retirement as an Internist and Diabetes consultant.
CPM saved me time and money. My office personnel needs were reduced. Competence in all aspects of billing was first-rate. Everyone was always available for my inquiries.
I referred several of my colleagues to CPM; there was resultant satisfaction in all cases.
In summation, CPM proved greatly beneficial to my practice experience.

– MD Internal Medicine Diabetes

CPM has been an excellent partner in helping to advance my practice. They communicate on a regular basis and are always available to respond to patient questions. My outstanding accounts receivables have greatly diminished. I can recommend CPM without restriction.

– MD 2084P0800X Neurology, Psychiatry