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If the independent practice chooses to hire a medical billing service, picking the best service is important because medical billing services vary in effectiveness, costs, and scope of operation.   The right choice must have four important components:

  1. The trust and confidence of the independent practice;
  2. Management Staff responsible for the billing operation;
  3. The Support Staff that perform the billing functions; and
  4. The Systems and Procedures in place for the medical billing.

These components must work together like a well-oiled machine in full throttle.  Picking the right solution makes a significant difference to an independent practice’s long-term profitability and financial effectiveness.

The distinct advantage of CPM is that the practice gains experienced professional managers who oversee the billing function supported by trained support staff, proven systems, and formal procedures.  CPM will have worked for other similar practices which benefits the practice.  CPM has a demonstrated long-term record of success with clients and high client retention-rates.

For the independent practice, CPM offers a proven,  reliable, and consistent professional medical billing service.

Celebrating its 35th year in 2019, CPM has received recognition and has been awarded as one of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2018 Emerging Leaders in Massachusetts.

Peter Melencio, CPA, Founder and President

April 1, 2019

CPM – The Doctor’s Business Doctor – Medical Billing the right way – the only way!


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