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Comprehensive Practice Management

Medical Billing Services

CPM is The Doctor’s Business Doctor for Independent Physicians and Group Practices

CPM takes care of business the right way for Independent Doctors so they can take care of their patients their way which is the best way.

CPM’s Medical Billing Service is owned, managed, and operated by CPAs and uses experienced billing professionals trained on its business process known and recognized as Comprehensive Practice Management.

Why is Comprehensive Practice Management Unique?

In addition to excellent medical billing services, the client gains confidential and unlimited personal access to Peter Melencio, CPA, and CPM’s elite senior staff to address medical billing and patient and insurance issues and problems.  We address the client’s individualized needs with care, consideration, and attention, just like you treat your patients.

What are the intangibles that CPM offers above and beyond standard medical billing services?

CPM has a laser-like focus on proper billing, accountability and management controls. We have a watch-dog attitude to ensure that bills are timely and that payments are prompt and correct while maintaining a confidential and respectful view of every client matter.

What thrills our clients about CPM?

CPM exceeds their expectations of Quality, Excellence, Mutual Respect, Billing Accuracy, Great Collections, and Accounting Controls.

CPM offers peace of mind to Independent Physicians because CPM always strives to maximize patient revenues and improve the level of service to their patients and insurance companies.

Independent Physicians know and trust CPM to act responsibly, confidentially, and honestly in all its dealings on their behalf.